D.B. Root & Company Advisory Team

Founded in 1994, D.B. Root & Company is built on a solid foundation of exceptional client service and in-depth industry knowledge. Our employees are trained, experienced professionals. Each shares a quality that distinguishes them – commitment to helping clients care for their money through long-term, personal relationships.

Michael Aroesty, CFP®

Managing Director, Strategic AIM™
Jeremy L. Suschak, CFP®

Managing Director, Emerging Wealth Program
Heather Ostrowski

Chief Compliance Officer & COO

Administrative and Client Support Team

Tiffany Benigni, RPsm

Director, LifePlan 20/20® Financial Planning Services
Mickey Gilbert

Receptionist / Concierge Services

Professional Partners

Howard Cunningham

Investment Strategist
John Mazur

Investment Strategist
Lynne Moritz (Hoffay), CPA

Tax and Accounting Specialist
Jack Carroll

Chief Marketing Officer / Relationship Manager