The Root Source Financial Conference Calls

The Root Source is a regular conference call with respected professionals in retirement income planning, investments, tax preparation, insurance, social security and many other important issues regarding your financial future. The sessions are moderated by our firm, and will occur throughout the year.


Auto, Home, and Umbrella Insurance: How Do You Know If You Have Too Little or Too Much?

How many insurance policies do you own? And how many different types of insurance do you have? There is a fine line between not having enough insurance and having too much. Most insurance is very affordable. For a few dollars every month, you can have thousands of dollars- worth of various types of coverage.




Protecting Your Information and Identity Online

This month, we will be addressing the important topic of online security from one of the leading companies in the financial industry, Charles Schwab & Company. You will learn more about their extensive and industry leading security capabilities, and how they are working hard to stay ahead of current and future threats to your secure information. During the presentation, you will learn the difference between identity theft and impersonation theft, and how it can impact you.



All Previous Calls

JANUARY 27, 2016

Ten Common Financial Planning Mistakes People Make

D.B. Root & Company
JULY 29, 2015

Important Tips For Your Personal Safety

Larry Forletta, Founder/Director FCIS, LLC
JUNE 4, 2015

6 Critical Actions You Need to Take Before Hackers Attack

Albert Whale, President, Chief Security Officer IT Security, Inc.
APRIL 29, 2015

Hedgeye Risk Management Macro Themes for Q2 2015

Keith McCullough, CEO, Hedgeye Risk Management
MARCH 25, 2015

Key Considerations in a Rollover

Presented by J. Patrick Clunan Manager, Columbia Management Learning Center®
FEBRUARY 26, 2015

What’s Up on Capitol Hill – A Legislative Update

Presented by Thomas Rowley, Director of Retirement Business Strategy, Invesco
DECEMBER 4, 2014

Resources to Help Women Entrepreneurs Start or Grow Their Businesses

Presented by Jayne Huston, Director, Seton Hill University’s E-Magnify
SEPTEMBER 24, 2014

Education Planning and Funding: College Savings Tools

Ryan White, 529 Account Manager, Columbia Management
JUNE 11, 2014

Eldercare Planning and Asset Protection

Presented by Julian E. Gray, Certified Elder Law Attorney
MAY 21, 2014

Identity Smarts: A behind the scenes look at identity theft

Presented by Paige Hanson, Manager, Educational Programs at LifeLock
APRIL 16, 2014

Medicare – What You Don’t Know and What It Could Cost You

Presented by Tyler De Haan, MPA, CFP®, ChFC®, Principal Funds and Kevin R. Hansen, CFP®, CRPC®, Principal Funds
MARCH 26, 2014

Estate and Gift Tax Planning

Presented by John M. Hartzell, Jr., Houston Harbaugh
JANUARY 15, 2014

Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

Presented by Rose Watson, JD, Commonwealth Financial Network