Retirement Plan Solutions (401K)

Assisting you and your employees plan for a more secure future.

One of the most valuable benefits you can offer your employees is the opportunity to participate in a 401(K) plan.

It can provide peace of mind to current employees and serve as an incentive to attract new talent to your organization.

At D. B. Root & Company, we have made retirement planning a priority. That means professional 401(K) advice from award-winning, independent advisors. Our service is personal, and our products are non-proprietary to give us total flexibility in developing a plan that fits your needs.

Whatever the size of your company, our level of service and accountability are uncompromising. As AIF® (Accredited Investment Fiduciary®) designated advisors, we take our fiduciary responsibility to you and your employees seriously. As a result, our investment management involves continually screening and proactively changing investments and/or model portfolios for your plan.

By meeting with you and your employees, D.B. Root & Company will help you set up your plan and fiduciary files, as well as an investment policy statement. We will even help you establish an investment committee to help you oversee the plan.

We provide everything you need to understand the investment options available as well as current issues. We can help your employees with rollovers or any other individual needs, even outside of the 401(K) plan.

401(K) Services provided to D.B. Root & Company Clients:

For your company:

• We compare and audit 401(k) plan platforms to determine which is best for your company’s specific circumstances

• We research and proactively manage investment options, making sure we create true diversification in investment options for your employees

• We assume fiduciary responsibility for the plan along with the trustees through use of fee-based platforms. This includes setting up a fiduciary file for your company to store documentation of meetings and reviews

• We help you develop an investment policy statement for the company, help you set up an investment committee and schedule quarterly meetings

• We actively manage model portfolios for your plan with a focus on risk management (not available on all platforms)

• We fully disclose fees so there are no hidden fees for the company

• We work closely with the Third Party Administrator (TPA) or bring one in for the company

• We can help your company set up employer-sponsored 529 plans if interested

• We can help your company with succession planning in the event of death of an owner

For your employees:

• We set semi-annual educational meetings with your employees.

• We meet with employees individually to help them with allocations and answer individual questions – this helps to increase enrollment, deferral rates, and the number of rollovers from old plans into the current plan

• We make ourselves available for phone calls from participants to answer their financial questions

• We produce and provide podcasts for employees in quarters we are not doing our on-site meetings – one for participants in the plan and one for non-participants who may be interested

• We can print out and provide retirement projections for employees on site at meetings

• As part of D. B. Root’s extensive Corporate Sponsored Programs we can set up lunch & learns for employees on various financial topics

For more information on D. B. Root’s 401(K) services or any other retirement plan solutions, contact: David W. Hoffmann CFP®, AIF®, Vice President, D.B. Root & Company 412-227-2800