Our Investment Process

At D.B. Root & Company, we choose our research partners very carefully. Our goal is to create a unique and repeatable process that strives to achieve an absolute return while managing the critical areas of fees,taxes and risk for our clients.

Hedgeye Risk Management

Our research partner, led by CEO Keith McCullough sets the tone with quarterly global-macro risk management themes. This top-down, daily process assists us in mitigating risk and monitoring trends in the marketplace.

The Hedgeye partnership helps guide us with a contrarian and often non-consensus perspective. It is focused on helping us avoid pitfalls inherent in following the herd in lemming-like fashion.

Investment Strategies

Our Metis Investment Strategies are the vehicles through which we perform for our clients:

Mazur Dividend Income Builder Strategy

A carefully selected and diversified portfolio of high paying dividend stocks, this strategy is comprised mainly of Large Cap U.S. based and seeks to offer long term growth of capital, low turnover and tax efficiency. Our partner and Chief Investment Officer John Mazur, CFA is tasked with building customized portfolios for our clients. John currently manages the assets of a large Pittsburgh Foundation and is former CIO of the Carnegie Mellon University Endowment.

Metis Global Dynamic Strategies

Based on market sectors rather than individual stocks and utilizing an active indexing approach, this portfolio of strategies is rotational in nature and involves the re-balancing of portfolio risk on a monthly basis. And like the Mazur Dividend Income Builder Strategy, it seeks to offer low turnover and tax efficiency. Our partner Cunningham Investment Management (CIM) is an alternative money management firm and developer of proprietary investment strategies that dynamically adjust portfolio risk exposure based on what’s happening in global markets today.

These powerful tools provide the balance necessary to continue performing in even the most challenging environments.


Hedgeye Risk Management


Balanced Models
Income Models
Growth Models


Mazur Dividend
Income Builder

Note: Diversification and asset allocation programs do not assure a profit or protect against loss in declining markets. No program can guarantee that any objective or goal will be achieved. The models are for illustrative use, and clients should meet with an advisor to discuss their personal risk tolerance and suitable recommendations. Model allocations are subject to change.