Executive Financial Counseling Services

Helping you support and secure your key talent.

At D.B. Root & Company, we understand that most executives have little time to devote to managing their financial affairs. That can lead to concerns about not having a well-structured financial plan in place. Perhaps their estate plan is out of date, or they aren’t fully utilizing their company compensation and benefits plans. For these busy executives, it can also be challenging to find competent, objective advice.

As an independent firm, we are uniquely qualified to provide this objective advice. D.B. Root & Company’s team includes Certified Financial Planners, attorneys and Certified Public Accountants, all acting as a team with one goal: to provide executives with the best wealth management advice available. D.B. Root & Company also understands that great advice isn’t worth much unless it’s put into action. That’s why we work hard in assisting clients with implementing their personalized plan of action and recommendations.


D.B. Root & Company’s Executive Financial Counseling Services provide busy executives with advice and guidance on all aspects of their personal wealth management. Our client-focused program includes:

  • Planning for retirement
  • Debt management
  • Maximizing company compensation and benefits plans
  • Option strategies
  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Asset allocation
  • Life insurance protection
  • Property-casualty insurance
  • Saving for college education
  • Tax return preparation

What makes D. B. Root & Company’s Executive Financial Counseling Services the right fit for executives?

  • Our advisors serve as a single “point person”
  • Our advice is objective and action oriented
  • We help implement your personal action plan and recommendations
  • Our advisors are knowledgeable of the executive’s benefit plans
  • Meetings with clients are efficient – and unlimited in number

Why do our clients prefer the D.B. Root Executive Financial Counseling Services?

  • We keep our overhead low – and reflect that in our fees
  • Our advice is independently developed for each of our clients and is not influenced by outside parties
  • Our advisors truly have the client‘s best interest in mind – at all times
  • Our advisors are long tenured, so you don’t need to worry about turnover of your key relationships within D.B. Root & Company

With years of experience, independent advice and a client-centric business model, D.B. Root & Company’s Executive Financial Counseling Services may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

For more information, contact your D.B. Root advisor or Charles Stout at 412-227-2800 or cstout@dbroot.com