Our Professional Network

At D.B. Root & Company, our clients expect advice that is comprehensive, thought-provoking and all-encompassing. That’s why you can expect your D.B. Root & Company Advisor to make sure that your estate plan is up-to-date, that you have a tax planning strategy, that your insurance coverage is adequate and that your debt is structured to be the most cost-effective.To help us deliver superior advice – and help you act on our recommendations – we have developed a network of professionals that include attorneys, insurance professionals, accountants and private bankers, all with the same goal: to help you implement your financial plan. Through our Professional Network you can:

  • Get a complete, no-obligation review of your current Wills and Trusts
  • Have your past three years’ tax returns reviewed for possible errors or missed opportunities
  • Get discounts on closing costs and appraisal fees for certain mortgages
  • Have insurance policies reviewed without any obligation or sales pressure

Implementation of recommendations is the key to any successful financial plan. Our Professional Network is there to help you!