About D.B. Root & Company

Since its founding in 1994, D.B. Root & Company has strived to create stability and security to provide you with financial independence.


Our Core Values

At D.B. Root & Company, we strive to provide you with stability and security while helping you pursue your goal of financial independence. To earn the confidence of our clients, we pledge to provide:





Advising with integrity

As an independent firm, we act as a fiduciary for our clients and are therefore not restricted to any one fund or stock. In addition to minimizing any conflict of interest, we have greater access to investment options. We hold ourselves accountable when it comes to performance, service and matching investments with your goals and objectives.

Developing a solid plan for your future

At D.B. Root & Company, we create a personal wealth management plan of action for you based on your personal situation and future goals. This process pays close attention to managing risk while establishing your income goals.

Eliminating complacency

In today’s uncertain volatile environment, there are times when following the status quo may not be your best approach. Change happens at the margin and we believe risk should be managed on a daily basis.

Providing  dedicated support

Your team at D.B. Root & Company strives to provide timely, frequent and easy-to-understand updates to keep you informed while responding promptly to your questions or concerns.

Holistic Financial Planning

At D.B. Root & Company, we offer a comprehensive wealth management approach that provides our clients with financial  strategies for all areas of their personal and business lives. From portfolio management, estate and retirement planning through tax and insurance advice, our team of advisors take all of the necessary steps to help you keep your life goals on track.

It begins with an in-depth analysis of your situation. This includes assessing both your financial and non-financial goals resulting in projections of your future earnings. It is a continuous process that is aimed at advancing life goals, managing risk, securing retirement and sustaining financial independence.

The result is the creation of a financial plan that is customized to fit your life plan. Our approach includes accessing a network of professionals who bring some of the most knowledgeable and savvy thinking in the industry.


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